Challenged and Non-Challenged individuals work as a team to accomplish wonders previously believed impossible!


What is The Hero Within?

The Hero Within | Superman Walks Project was originally formed to to bring individuals together that are interested in working together as a team to complete Obstacle Course Races (OCR) Since its inception, The Hero Within has evolved into a charitable organization with the primary focus to help challenged and non-challenged individuals discover new potential and inspiration. OCR venues provide a unique experience to challenge the team and push the boundaries of what is possible for the team. Any individual is welcome regardless of their physical or mental limitations. Each subject and team member will work together to acomplish wonders.

Why Obstacle Course Racing?

The founder, Thomas Mills, lost his right leg just below the knee from a severe motorcycle accident on August 4th, 2003. Thomas spent 8 years stumbling around through a fog of uncertanty attempting to discover his purpose in life and definition to who he is as a person. In late 2012, Thomas discovered OCR and decided to challenge himself to completing a difficult OCR called Tough Mudder scheduled for March 2013. Thomas signed up for several smaller races in 2012 and joined a local charity athletes team assist in his training for the big race.

Thomas quickly discovered many athletes in the running community focus on personal performance and best times. As an amputee with limited capabilities with a walking leg, Thomas felt out of place in the running world even though the team he joined would walk with him. There was always the feeling that his inability to run was holding the team back from accomplishing their own personal best.

Idea Inception - Mile Marker 6

On March 2nd, 2013 Thomas Arrived at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, FL for Tough Mudder. The event was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Runners could race either day or both days if they thought they were tough enough. Due to a miscommunication during scheduling, the team commited to walking with him, was scheduled for Sunday and Thomas for Saturday.

Alone and dressed in a Superman costume, Thomas walked into the race starting corral and began the 12 mile race. Each step of the way racers would pass Thomas and shake his hand or yell "HooRah Superman". Racers found inspiration from seeing a one legged superman out on the course. Little by little their inspiration gave Thomas the strength he needed to continue on when he felt tired and wanted to give up.

15 yards from Mile Marker 6, Thomas came up to a man who was doubled over with a terrible cramp in his leg. Offering some of his water, Thomas asked the man if he needed any help. The man took a sip of water and looked at the person who had offered it. As soon as he saw the prosthetic limb, the man stood up straight and began walking with Thomas. The pain he was experiencing was noticable but he kept walking. He asked Thomas, "Hey Superman, why are you not just flying through this race?" Thomas responded, "Because Superman Walks"

Since that moment the idea has evolved into The Hero Within, Inc., a Non Profit Corporation. The Superman Walks Project seeks new subjects to help discover their hidden potential and true Hero Within.

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Company Progress

The Hero Within is forging ahead at an exponential rate. Every day we are making strides to reach new heights and provide new services to challenged individuals.

Primary Focus

501(c)(3) Application

The Hero Within, Inc. is a fully incorporated non profit corporation in the state of Florida. Our Chaplain, Tim Lee, is currently reviewing the bylaws of the company to ensure the company meets all the federal requirements to qualify as a charity and be issued a 501(c)(3) tax exempt ID number. The applicaiton, filing fees and company paperwork will be submitted for review and approval by the IRS at the end of this month (October 2013).

The application process is arduous and very time consuming! Every available moment and resourse is being deticated to the accomplishment of this goal.

Click the image below to view a 501(c)(3) application form you must fill out and submit

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The 5k Zombie Run

11/8/2013 Lutz, FL

SuperHero Scramble

11/16/2013 Waldo, FL